The Descendants of William Hartwell, Concord Settler, 1636, Through Five Generations


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This is the newest genealogy of William Hartwell’s descendants that is currently available.
At 626 pages, including bibliographic references, illustrations, a number of interesting appendices, and a complete index, it’s a marvelous piece of work.
From Joy’s Introduction: “While this genealogy is far from ‘done,’ it does contain my best efforts to date on the families
involved, and I hope it will become the standard work on the family until something better comes along. In conclusion, I would like to thank the numerous correspondents who have provided interesting data (most of whom are acknowledged in the text), the personnel of the many research facilities I have haunted and, most of all, the members of The Hartwells of America Association for putting their faith in me. It has been a fascinating and rewarding project, and will continue to keep me occupied for the foreseeable future.”
Hartwells throughout America and beyond owe a huge debt of gratitude to Joy for this major contribution to the family’s history.
If you purchase your copy at the Reunion, Joy will gladly autograph it for you, so, as they say, “come on down”!

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Pages 147-148

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  1. Helen Ullman

    Helen Ullman

    Review by Helen Shatvet Ullman, Associate Editor and Book Review Coordinator, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, April 2009
    The Descendants of William Hartwell, Concord Settler, Through Five Generations, by Joy Hartwell Peach (Foxborough, Mass.: Hartwells of America, 2007. xxx + 596 pages, index.) Cloth $50.00, shipping, $6.50. (USPS) Order from David Hartwell Webber, Hartwells of America, 19 Terrell Lane, Hollis, NH 30349-8509

    This update of earlier Hartwell genealogies corrects some serious errors, e.g., John-2 Hartwell did not marry sisters. It adds much new information, and documents it all carefully. Females are often continued through the grandchildren of Hartwell women. The thoughtful introduction is well worth reading. There are three appendices, one of them discussing the probable ancestry of the immigrant William. In its coverage it is a classic genealogy, but some innovations need comment. The numbering system is unique but not difficult. While each descendant has a number, the numbers in each generation begin with 1. Thus we have 1.1, 1.2, etc., in the first generation and 4.1 through 4.155, etc., in the fourth generation. Once understood it is easy to follow. When a new individual was discovered and renumbering was required, it was only necessary to renumber a single generation. While documentation is extensive, the author used three different methods: in-text abbreviations in parentheses, in-text full citations in a smaller font, and notes at the end of many sketches that provide reasoning and/or tangential detail. The method uses less space than footnotes. This book will be valuable for anyone with Hartwell connections.

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